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For all your bookkeeping needs in Wimborne and surrounding areas

Are you looking for a bookkeeper in Wimborne Dorset? If so, Vicky is on hand to help get you set up and off to a flying start.

With many years experience in several different industries, Vicky is well adapted to providing you with a reliable and trustworthy Bookkeeping service you can be proud of.

Over the years, Vicky has been offering Bookkeeper services to many clients, from tradespeople, to multi-staffed businesses who need reliable and efficient processes to eliminate wasteful time.

There are many services offered by Vicky at 12Bookkeeping which will benefit your company, including but not limited to,


Having lived just outside Wimborne in Dorset for most of her life, Vicky has enjoyed working as a bookkeeper and still provides her excellent services to clients to this day. Some of the more notable clients are local small businesses in Wimborne and Blandford, as well local tradespeople, such as, electricians, plumbers, builders and even agricultural workers.

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