Don’t get bogged down chasing money 

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    We all have better things to do than to start chasing payments from customers but unfortunately, from time to time, your payments may get overlooked or delayed due to several reasons

    Together with over 15 years of experience chasing payments and dealing with late payments, I can help you become more productive with collecting payments from your clients so you don’t have to worry.

    This means more cash flow for your business with less downtime trying to chase it.

    With my Bookkeeping Services based in Dorset, I offer my clients the ability to chase payments. With over 15 years experience of handling late payers and using a slightly different technique than most, the success rate is remarkably high.

    Sometimes, when you treat people right, they provide a much more productive response.

    With the added benefit of having a good understanding of legal processes, there is rarely a situation whereby we cannot get you the money you so rightfully deserve into your account, earning you interest or providing a healthy cash flow. 

    For more details about this service and any of the other services I can offer, please get in touch today and let’s have a friendly chat to determine what I can do to improve your cash flow.