Got questions about Bookkeeping Services in Blandford & Wimborne Dorset?

Here are some of the more common FAQ Wimborne Bookkeeper questions asked regarding Bookkeeping services I offer in the Blandford, Wimborne and Dorset area.

Do I need a Bookkeeper?

It’s a good question. If you are comfortable using accountancy and bookkeeping software and then there is no reason why you can’t try it for yourself. However, for the inexperienced, it can be time-consuming, time that could be better spent managing or growing your business.

How much time is needed to manage my books?

This depends on how active your company is. For example, if you were a self-employed tradesperson, a plumber, electrician or builder for example, then the time needed to manage your books is minimal compared to say a large transport company who employ staff and have far more overheads to consider.

Will you be able to do my VAT?

Yes, one of the services offered by 12Bookkeeping is that I offer VAT returns for all my Bookkeeping clients in Dorset as part of my services

Are you able to work in-house at our office or business location?

Yes, I regularly work in-house for a number of my clients in and around the Blandford, Wimborne and Dorset areas who prefer me to carry out bookkeeping services on their own computer systems. This is often beneficial for the company as it allows for easier management of their security protocols and gives them opportunity for me to provide support and assistance without the need for constant emailing or phone calls.

Are you a professionally qualified bookkeeper?

Yes, absolutely. I hold various qualifications in professional bookkeeping as well as Professional Indemnity Insurance, Data Protection Registered and abide by the Money Laundering Regulations

How much do you charge for Bookkeeping Services in Dorset?

My costs vary depending on a few factors, such as,

  • How much work is involved?
  • What tasks are to be carried out?
  • How long you have been trading (I like to help out new businesses get established by offering a slightly more favourable rate)
  • How many hours I am needed for
  • Distance to your location

My rates are very favourable. Please give me a call to discuss.

Our bookkeeping is in a mess, is this something you can help with?

Indeed, I am well known for stepping in where others have left off, either in a mess or simply due to unforeseen circumstances and time has passed leaving you out of date with your finances. Using a strategic system and combining Customer Database Management software such as Trello, we will get your business finances back up to date in no time, so please don’t panic, just give me a call!

We use Quickbooks, is this going to be a problem?

Not at all. It’s a myth that Quickbooks is reserved for small companies or those managing their own business finances. Other common software programs used, are SAGE and Xero. Both are very good in their own right, but all have their benefits and disadvantages. I have worked with many systems, even spreadsheets, and can adapt quickly to fit in with your preference.

Do we need to switch to SAGE for our bookkeeping to carried out professionally?

No, other bookkeeping software options such as Quickbooks or Zero are just as good at keeping your books in order. It’s entirely up to you which you use. However, if you are a new business, I can advise on the benefits and disadvantages of each one and which would be more suitable for your business.

Will you keep me updated on the latest HMRC news and laws?

HRMC make regular updates to processes and procedures. I always inform my clients of any changes they need to be aware of in plenty of time before the changes are implemented. Likewise, I work with a great set of accountants who provide regular updates also.

Do you have a set budget for bookkeeping services?

I work closely with all my clients, ensuring that there are no nasty surprises. You set your budget and I will do my best to accommodate it. If I feel the budget is unrealistic, I will work with you to arrive at a mutually agreement rate, so that everyone is happy.

How quickly can you start on my books?

If you like the services I offer and you are happy for me to carry out your bookkeeping, we will agree a start date and finalise the letter of engagement along with my terms and I can begin working with you within days or weeks.

Frequency of payment?

I can work with you on the frequency of payment. Some prefer to pay monthly, whilst others prefer weekly so that they can keep a better cashflow going.

Do we need to find an accountant?

I work closely with a great firm of accountants, which, means I can either refer you to them or you can find your own accountant. It’s always better to choose someone on recommendation. I do not receive any commission or benefits by referring clients to the accountant!

How do I instruct you?

If you have decided to use my Bookkeeping Services and you live in the Dorset area, I will come and see you in person. This is so that I can begin the process of identity checks for the purpose of money laundering etc. I make the process as informal as possible and whilst we carry out this process, we can chat about your requirements, and I get to learn more about you and your business. After signing the letter of engagement and agreeing to the terms and conditions, I can then begin acting as your appointed Bookkeeper.

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