Blandford Dorset Bookkeeping Services

It’s been a busy few months recently with new clients coming on board, including the addition of more local farmers, which is lovely to see.

12Bookkeeping is delighted to be involved with new clients that expand the range of services offered in the Blandford and Wimborne areas of Dorset. New clients mean that my Blandford Dorset Bookkeeping Services is expanding throughout the local rural area and with farmers using my services, the future is looking very interesting. 

I am pleased to see new developments within the agricultural bookkeeping services I offer, and it is a thrill to have several farmers benefit from the range of services I can provide to them during a time when farmers need the support the most.

Being from a rural upbringing comes with the advantage that I can communicate with ease and understand the needs of my farming clients. and provide a far more efficient service, looking at ways we can save money and improve productivity, as well as increase the efficiency of their agricultural business.

Blandford Dorset Bookkeeping Services

Blandford Dorset Bookkeeping Services

Support and assistance couldn’t come at a more critical time for farmers, who are under increasing pressure. My experience working as a farm secretary brings with it benefits to the farming community and by offering my bookkeeping services to the agricultural sector and sub-sectors, such as woodsmen, shepherds, tenant farmers and rangers, the rewards can be a welcoming addition.

With new processes being put in place for tax submissions, more and more people are finding it a struggle to keep up with the ever increasing demands imposed on people trying to earn a decent living. This is where I come in and help lessen the strain on your already stretched resources and time.

Blandford Dorset Bookkeeping Services (12Bookkeeping) covers a wide area across Dorset, including Wimborne, Corfe Mullen, Colehill, Stourpaine, Cranborne Chase and many other areas known for their agricultural activities.

For more information, or a friendly chat to discover how I can save you time and hassle, feel free to contact me


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